Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art

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The word yoga and the various concepts associated with it are being interpreted and understood with great interest the world over especially in recent years. This work by a noted research scholar, Dr. T. N. Mishra explores the meanings of the word yoga and its moral and philosophical annotations, and conducts an intensive study of the philosophies and practices that bear reference to it. A thorough research, Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art goes into the theoretical foundations of Yoga, tracing ists roots to the sacred scriptures and explaining the goal of Yoga, the discipline it involves, Yoga psychology, its techniques and stages, and classification and practice of Yoga as Mantra-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga and Raja-Yoga. It comprehensively examines the aim and philosophy of Yoga-Tantra and the way to awaken the Kundalini through the cakras practicing Yoga-sadhana of the Natha siddhas (the ulta-sadhana) and Yoga sadhana as found in Vaisnava and Buddhist Sahajiya. Citing interesting examples, it importantly deals with Yoga and Tantra as reflected in Indian art: the impact of the philosophy of Yoga-Tantra with its subtle sensuality on Indian secular and religious architecture and sculpture.

Abounding in illustrations and extensive in notes and references to ancient scholarly treatises and exponents of Yoga and to modern researches on the subject, the book will interest all scholars of Indian art, philosophy and spirituality and appeal to general readers on Yoga as well.

About the Author

Dr. T. N. Mishra has researched various aspects of Indian philosophy and art and architecture in a career spanning more than three decades. He has published articles in reputed journals on the subject and authored works that include Buddhist Tantras and Buddhist Art: Ancient Indian Bricks and Brick Remains: Westernization of Indian Art and Impact of Tantra on Religion and Art. At present, he is Assistant Curator at the prestigious Bharat Kala Bhavan at the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

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  1. qmUoUKXCj

    Posted by Denis on 5th Feb 2013

    i love this. i practice yoga daily, just maknig up my own routines & stuff, and if i haven't practiced in a few days i'll notice some tightness in certain areas.tightness, to most people, is a sign of discomfort or weakness. but i see it as a chance to start again, to feel the strech-transformation that yoga provides all over's not like i'm starting from scratch, but this little tightness reminder keeps me in check. i tend to get comfortable (& stuck) in routines/habit; when i let myself get a little tight, when i let myself vary from my routine, i am able to keep my practice new & refreshed.habit & routine can be great, but they can also be limiting. i used to treat change & discomfort as enemies; to an extent, i still do. but i'm working on going with the flow, on excepting change & discomfort as part of the random, chaotic order of the world.i know i'm rambling (i often do), but i just want to thank you for this awesome video post. it really validates what i'm trying to do right now to lean into my discomfort, instead of letting it lean into're awesome

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    Posted by sumiuwuo on 5th Feb 2013

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    Posted by hjtykw on 5th Feb 2013

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    Posted by mzchxkeb on 7th Feb 2013

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  5. There are many forms

    Posted by Dominique on 5th Jan 2014

    There are many forms of meditation and altohugh the final goal is always the same, the techniques used are different. We classify meditation in 3 main groups: Simple Meditation (including breathing, and transcendental meditation); Focused Meditation (including Buddhist, Mantra and Zen´╗┐ meditation) and Mindless meditation (including Mindfullness and Vipassana). They are all covered in the course Meditation in 5 Days. Go to MethodAlpha clicking from menu Community / Articles / Meditation Techniques

  6. This wetbise makes t

    Posted by Tina on 6th Jan 2014

    This wetbise makes things hella easy.

  7. Thank you so much Er

    Posted by Carlos on 7th Jan 2014

    Thank you so much Eric for the beautiful <a href="">inrteprttaeion</a> of the planets (and the lead-in to the topic of tantra). Vesta, Chiron in Pisces & Jupiter description all speak to what it is I have been in process with and have made a huge breakthrough with devotion to healing the relationship to Existance. Having grown up Catholic, it's been a challenge to find a new way of relating, free of the burden of expectations and obligations, to ideas of God(des), Universe, Existance. This has been a time of breaking through all that and now able to regard myself as part of that Beauty of Existance. So perfectly phrased.Enjoyed the interview and look forward to seeing where it goes. There was a very important part of the tantra I found missing that may be covered in the next one. Have to wait and see.

  8. dear hanna,i hope yo

    Posted by Favis on 8th Jan 2014

    dear hanna,i hope you are well, i am enjoyin life and<a href=""> tnahks</a> to your fantastic photos i created a website, its still only in german, the english side will follow one day soon. But maybe you want to have a look. And i am still thinking of posting some little yoga sequences on youtube but this has to wait a little bit, because right now i am not able to practise a lot. After april i hope i will find time and back into my daily yoga routine.lots of love and kisses to you and cretemiss you guysselina

  9. Phnaemenol breakdown

    Posted by Jayhawk on 8th Jan 2014

    Phnaemenol breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

  10. Hanna Monika and Sla

    Posted by Dwayne on 8th Jan 2014

    Hanna Monika and Slavomir we would like to thank you from the bottom of our haetrs for making us feel and look so special this evening. We could not have asked for more It was fun working with you. You both have a truly professional attitude, warmth in coming close to us and discreet presence. You made the best out of us. Thank you for all your love and support! Wish you all the best!! Mary Aristofanis

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