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This book combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for health and healing with modern scientific approach to body physiology. It blends 6,000 years old Ayurvedic knowledge with modern day science. It also explains the biochemical, hormonal and embryological reasons that people lose or gain weight By focusing on three basic body types and their corresponding zones of physiological function, this book offers practical solutions for everything from chronic health problems and weight control to the proper exercises and lifestyle management. It is essential reading for all who want to stay young and healthy.

Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson is a Chiropractic Physician and Ayurvedic practitioner. Along with a fully trained staff, he provides a clear clinical diagnosis based on Ayurvedic and Western Medicine at the Ancient Way Health Spa in Longmont, Colorado.

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  1. Hi Jacob, I always h

    Posted by Thatiso on 7th Jan 2014

    Hi Jacob, I always have troblue with how to word my advertisement, especially for a workshop that I plan to teach. For instance if I am planning a workshop on Preventing Diabetes with Ayurveda how do you suggest over coming the hurdle that most people do not know what Ayurveda really is. What is the most effective way to approach this within the catch phrase? Many ThanksJulie Wardwell

  2. This book really<a h

    Posted by Tulin on 7th Jan 2014

    This book really<a href=""> coevrs</a> the philosophy and psychology of yoga in a way that can help you make real, positive and permanent change in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. . I learned about the root causes of my problems and how to go about improving them in a consistent manner. I also learned a lot about the origins and meaning of life from this book. The funny part is the after reading and trying many modern methods of self improvement I found this book to be the only one that has really helped me improve my life and all the information is based of information that is thousands of year old. This is a great book that will change your life

  3. SimpleFirst, Ayurved

    Posted by Mihty on 8th Jan 2014

    SimpleFirst, Ayurvedic medicines (herbs) has no side<a href=""> effcets</a> and no date of exipry.Alongwith medicines, do consider doing some yoga. Yoga is very beneficial and powerful set of excercises. I would strongly recommend doing some pranayams (breathing excercises). Checkout' it has details, how to and benefits mentioned. Billions of people already benefiting from these excercises. Go for it .Good Luck!

  4. KatieI'm starting to

    Posted by Nichaluk on 8th Jan 2014

    KatieI'm starting to hear good tgihns about a new product that's caffeine free (no jitters). It's in the same plant family as Hoodia, and has been used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries- Caralluma. You can actually get a free sample and see if it works for you and your appetite. Good luck with the weight loss!

  5. I am planniing to st

    Posted by Dedi on 8th Jan 2014

    I am planniing to start an<a href=""> aydvreua</a> treatment centre.I want your advice on how to attract people to it.What is the main principle to attract people to<a href=""> aydvreua</a> centre.I have seen that people get are not much interested with<a href=""> aydvreua</a> treatments and also they pick very slowly.Waiting for your advice

  6. I tend to be an undi

    Posted by Miilena on 8th Jan 2014

    I tend to be an undisciplined prosen (I get away with a lot because I’m very organized) who hates to say no to anythingI perceive myself the same way and always wish I weren't so lazy, that I could inspire/force myself to have more discipline. But I would never describe you that way; I always marvel at (and envy) everything you're able to accomplish. I suspect we are a bit hard on ourselves.

  7. Dear Jacob,I am only

    Posted by Lea on 8th Jan 2014

    Dear Jacob,I am only half way through the book but thhougt I would share at this point. First of all, there was one sentence that really resonated with me: Commit to progress, learning, self-love and self-acceptance, not perfection I especially needed to hear the not perfection part. So sentences like this, throughout the book are personally supportive, touch my heart and makes me feel that I am not just reading about a constructive way to build and grow a business but I am also reminded that this venture will be very supportive of my personal and spiritual growth as well.The presentation, format and sequence of the book are SO organised, that I perceive this info in a visual manner. (Typically, the way I learn Some of the recommended steps have confirmed my intention and direction but after reading through the literature, visions for my business are clearer, feel more obtainable and I know will be polished . I have read suggestions I had never considered before and I am eager to implement them.This book is something I can refer to again and again.I have already recommended it to other practitioners ..but in an odd way, initially I had pondered that decision because I didn't want my competitor (s), to have access to the same info that is going to help launch or boost my business .(still dealing with ego) .BUT I am so thrilled with the content, organization and effort that has been put into your book, it is exciting information, fills my heart and so I am eager to share. I will continue my read and I look forward to our phone chat next Thursday.Thank you so much.Sincerely,AlisonP.S. When I do implement actions, I will keep you posted on the results.

  8. Hi JacobI have loved

    Posted by Nani on 9th Jan 2014

    Hi JacobI have loved the book and I have found the whole lot of the information very<a href=""> vullabae</a>. I am still working through the exercises up to section 2. I had a clinic a little while ago but had to close it because I didn't have the right balance of giving and charging my clients. I also lacked some confidence in myself because I was trying to be all things to all people. I think that I am now able to work out who my target audience will be and I can see why I failed in my first attempt. I also feel confident in what I can offer the people who come to me. Ayurveda is so vast and I now realise that at this stage I could not possibly be able to be great at it all. I am certainly going to take your information with me to my next Ayurvedic Network Meeting and show the other practitioners. I appreciate the opportunity to work with your knowledge. Om Shanti, Linda

  9. The Heart and Scien

    Posted by Sebastian on 23rd Jan 2014

    The Heart and Science of Yoga is just what serious spiiaturl seekers, and well-intentioned people alike need in a world that seems to change so much and be so difficult to understand. By combining careful, scholarly explanations of an ancient thought system with simple guidelines, the author shows us how to benefit from the teachings of yoga science. Engaging stories, both traditional and drawn from real life make the material approachable. The optimism and wonder make it a joyful experience to read this book. Don't miss it! [url=]miedxvxst[/url] [link=]grvladcah[/link]

  10. I've read so many bo

    Posted by Brenda on 24th Jan 2014

    I've read so many books on most yoga philosophies, which have pronuofdly influenced my life, but The Heart And Science of Yoga has tied up so many loose ends, even some I didn't realize existed. As a westerner reading eastern thought, it is a challenge at times, and I think I've comprehended to the best of my ability, but Dr. Perlmutter has opened the flood gates for me. I am so grateful for this book. [url=]vmfelgcjp[/url] [link=]oghtignvlux[/link]

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