Ayurvedic Management for Heart Diseases (Illustrated)

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The fundamental principles of Ayurveda advocate prevention first and cure next. This slogan is true and essential in case of heart diseases. This text lucidly explains the indigenous methods for the prevention of heart diseases. Modern medical science could understand the body more, mind less and soul nil. Where as Ayurveda emphasizes the need of spirituality in the management of health. Role of Atma and Manas are explained in a more scientific way in this work with special reference to heart diseases. Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) is often caused by severe stress in an individual due to some impact on the mind. How ever, the easiest way is to rectify the somatic problem by performing bye-pass surgery than dealing with the stress/mind or soul. Therefore there is every possibility that the person may undergo a second bye-pass surgery subsequently. This work deals with the importance of alternative practices in heart diseases and their management. There is a need to identify simpler and effective herbal drugs in cardiology. It may not be an over claim that this work unravels the indigenous herbal drugs and their effect in various heart diseases as well as cardiovascular disorders. Research work carried out in the field of cardiology on herbal drugs in made available to the students/scholars as well as the practitioners. The anatomy and physiology of heart according to Ayurveda is described with relevant comparison with modern medicine as and when necessary. Similarly, the pharmacological as well as the therapeutic aspects described in the Ayurvedic texts are also presented in a highly scientific fashion.

J.L.N. Sastry
Dr. J.L.N. Sastry hails from a traditional Ayurvedic family. He is born at Narasapuram (W.G. Dist., Andhra Pradesh) on 06-07-1965). He had School studies at Kakinada (E.G. Dist., A.P.) and passed B.A.M.S. in 1989 from Dr. N.R.S. Govt. Ayu. College, Vijayawada (A.P.) in First Class. He completed M.D. (Ay.) in Dravya Guna Speciality from Dr. B.R.K.R. Govt. Ayur. College, Hyderabad in 1998 October. He stood first in A.P.P.S.C. selection (January 1990) and worked as Med. Officer (Ayu.) for Govt. of A.P. in the Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy Dept., (1992-99). Between 1998-99 he acted as Research Projects Coordinator at the Govt. Research Dept. of Ayurveda, Hyderabad. He stood first at the UPSC (1998) and joined as Medical Officer (Ay.) inj CGHS, Chennai in June 1999. The author is the recipient of two gold medals from Nagarjuna University (A.P.) for the merit shown during B.A.M.S. (1988). The author presented several clinical and scientific papers at Regional, National and International seminars. He had more than 15 publications in standard journals and also published several articles in newspapers. Author also had given Radio-talks and given guest lectures at various prestigious institutes (both Ayurvedic & Modern Medicine). He published a book 40 Years of research in Ayurveda in A.P.

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  1. Money is an exchange

    Posted by Lorrainne on 6th Jan 2014

    Money is an exchange of enrgey. I am an Ayurvedic practitioner in Elkins Park PA. I have spent thousands of dollars for my training in Ayurveda. My clients understand that I put 120% of my enrgey into each case I work on, focusing on lifestyle, diet, herbs and enrgey/body work. I grow most of my herbs in my 10 year old perennial garden, then make teas, tinctures, vinegars, salves and ”medicine” with them, individually for each client. The clients I work with understand it takes time and money to do these things. They understand that trading a consultation with me for eggs or is not going to pay my mortgage. The information one receives in a session with me is priceless. You would not walk into a bookstore and ask the cashier for a free book, even if that book contained information everyone should know. My business is Ayurveda and it is the sole thing I do. In India, my teacher was the Ayurvedic healer and Swami of a community. In exchange for teaching and healing, the community supported him. They built him a house and brought him food, water, goods. This is the system of exchange yoga, Ayurveda and other Vedic traditions were built upon, and in many places in the East it still works this way. Unfortunately, in the West we do not do this and must rely on money to support us.

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    Posted by Patience on 7th Jan 2014

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  7. I agree with Susan a

    Posted by Edison on 13th Dec 2015

    I agree with Susan and Alena. Not once did I recieve aytihnng for free in India while undergoing a 4 month Ayurvedic Cleansing and training, I was actually looked at in the opposite way, as an ATM machine, my prices increased as the days went on.As per my business I try to keep my prices low enough for everyone to afford them, but also so that I can make a slight profit to continue my work and studies and to keep my lifestyle. I also give free lectures around the community and do monthly drawings and specials so that everone has a chance to experience the treatments. Also if you ever work with Groupon, Living Social so on.. this should be considered working for FREE! Just wrapping up my 300plus sales with Groupon, not fun!Alena hit it on the head and if there is no monetary value associated to a service or advice most people these days don't put the effort into it and follow through, have seen this time after time.

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