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  1. It's like you're on

    Posted by Streliita on 5th Jan 2014

    It's like you're on a misoisn to save me time and money!

  2. If a potential <a hr

    Posted by Supradip on 7th Jan 2014

    If a potential <a href="">albret</a> einstein is born in singapore...and "force" to take 2nd language as a mother tongue...and because he is weak in the 2nd language...He won't get far in singapore...instead of contributing new ways of looking at things and better ways of bettering man kind's future or even recognize for a nobel prize...he could not progress and becomes a technician or a waiter or a cleaner or a office boy or a storeman/clerk etc etc...and because of the "education" system and its nutty rules is always held back from being more then he can be...a potential and possibly feasible true asset to singapore...but it is not to be.Why? How?...instead of an education to make him truely think and guiding him to find the path of real thinking and real curiosity...the education system in singapore makes him jumps hoops and loops until he loses all sense of himself as a self thinking independent entity, to be able to reason rationally, to arrive at wise decisions, to think independently based on factual information found by himself and to question everything as well as to fully comprehend and understand what works and what does not...even if it does not, never stop finding a viable way...what is ultimately worst is the lost of the potential to be all that he can be...I those who keep saying english is not really that you think higher order mathematics [using latin symbols] and other scientific theories in other fields [nanotechnoloy, biology, space technologies, pure quatum mechanices & physics...etc] well as pure mathematical equations/theorems are so easily written in pu tong or mandarin? Ask yourselves how many CHINESE scientists who left china to be in England and America...ask yourself this very carefully and re-think deeper please...Instead of moving forward into the future...we are moving backwards like the Ming and Qinq dynasties...and we know what happens once a society looks inwards, or thinks they are soooo "superior" that they don't want to accept what has been proven to work but put their noses up instead and become so very close-minded....these societies reaches literally a dead wall...and who suffers...well everyone...but the ones who do not deserve the suffering are the children and future generations of kids as they are the ones who did not made the correct & wise decisions that should have been made.As for the people who were put in place and given critical positions as well as super well-rewarded/paid...instead of making the right, correct and wiser decisions...many of them will rather spend an inordinate amount of time/resources/money in creating wayang propangade/bullshit rules/make-believe policies/bogus plans or self serving me first the money with the subprime loans or insurance scams or even like the greek debt thingy in the past/ is a pity...that these so called "responsible people in-charge" get off way too easily.It is so sad. Ulimately for everyone infinitely because of avarice and greed for the finite by the few. For singapore...and for other countries that believes its education system is the best in teaching on how not to think independently and to question widely and deeply.: (

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  4. If you are in you is

    Posted by Kunal on 11th Feb 2014

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  6. You really found a w

    Posted by Anjii on 6th Dec 2014

    You really found a way to make this whole precoss easier.

  7. Ho ho, who <a href="

    Posted by Nur on 7th Dec 2014

    Ho ho, who <a href="">woudla</a> thunk it, right?

  8. 小強 自然語言的 成功應對 如果不可能

    Posted by Dragana on 11th Dec 2014

    小強 自然語言的 成功應對 如果不可能僅依賴語法規則而成功 則該規則書就必須詳列各種可能的 情況 occasion 使房屋內的外國人可以根據與其談話內容相關的 情況 之正確觀察 來判斷面對一個問句時的正確應答方式 說得更具體一點 沒有任何 純粹的語法規則書 能夠教人正確地回答 今天是晴天嗎 這個問題 因為要正確地回答這個問題 必須依賴回答者對當時 情況 也就是天氣如何 的認知 而這個認知就超越的 語法 的範圍 也就是說 當Searle設計這個思想實驗時 將中文房間設計成一個 可以成功以自然語言溝通 的房間時 他已經把這些 對成功溝通而言 必要 的語意內容的元素 偷渡進他那 應該要是純粹關於語法規則 的規則書裡 然而 一當我們把這個被偷渡的元素看清楚之後 關於這個房間對中文的 理解 就變得更接近一般的 理解 情況 如果 整個中文房間 的 中文功能 是建立在 規則書 對與談話內容相應的情況的正確觀察 以及 語言輸入及輸出的管道 之上 那麼這個 中文房間 成功使用中文的形式 與我們每一個中文使用者使用中文的形式是相當接近的 也就是說 這 整個中文房間 的理解和我們一般的理解是差不多的 因此 Searle想要引誘出的那個直覺就不再真的那麼直覺了 除非他能提供一套說法 來說明一個缺乏 對語義內容做出 無論有意識還是無意識的 判斷 之能力的系統 如何能夠僅依賴語法規則就能進行 成功的自然語言溝通 [url=]vtrubpgznp[/url] [link=]xigbaarth[/link]

  9. At last, <a href="ht

    Posted by Angga on 12th Dec 2014

    At last, <a href="">somneoe</a> who comes to the heart of it all

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