Lifelong Health and Vitality Through Food

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A Natural, Personalized Approach To
Weight Loss
Strengthening The Immune System
Transitioning To A Regenerative Diet
Overcoming Food Cravings, Food Addictions And Compulsive Eating
Includes Reference Charts, Menus And Recipes

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  1. khkFitprF

    Posted by Cleo on 4th Nov 2012

    A lot. More today than a year ago.Because of Obamacare, no company in America ofrefs stand alone children's health insurance.Why? Obamacare dictates that it is guaranteed issue, without rate ups, regardless of health. Therefore, there is no reason to purchase it until there is a claim needing to be paid.That's not health insurance. That's a confiscatory tax on health insurance companies. Fortunately, they aren't slaves yet, so they exercised the F U clause in the contract with the purple bellies from Washington and just refused to do business where they are guaranteed to lose money.How do you fix the problem of un- and under-insured? By making health insurance affordable.How do you make it affordable? By removing ALL government mandates, loser pays tort reform, encouraging competition between providers (enforce existing anti-trust laws), eliminate the AMA monopoly on billing codes, and eliminate the connection between employment and health insurance.Do these things and we'll see health insurance cost less than auto insurance. More people will be covered, more people will be healthy.

  2. PnVWheJlcbgOkgu

    Posted by vfijlhf on 4th Nov 2012

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  3. SpQUqQcCumYEvCk

    Posted by xskrufpfvq on 6th Nov 2012

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    Posted by rohorldlpx on 7th Nov 2012

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    Posted by jhysjuevrwy on 8th Nov 2012

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  6. asGWApVqRpTj

    Posted by Dmitry on 5th Feb 2013

    I got my slice of vitality smpelas and as someone who likes tofu but is not vegan (I recently purchased, brined and roasted a nearly 14-lb organic turkey from whole foods) BUT has always tried out tasty vegan recipes and dishes. I AM EXCITED. Rosie and Crsytal, our 2 dogs will be also.Thank you so much for the smpelas AND I Look forward to giving you any and all feedback as I use the products.I appreciate this opportunity! Would love to post a link to you all on my myspace or LiveJOURNAL blogs.

  7. XLkqbozKy

    Posted by Steven on 5th Feb 2013

    Unfortunately, not everyone knows HOW to let go of the nveatige feelings. A spiritual affirmation (true statement) always works for me. One of my favorites is, the joy that none can take away is mine I walk with love today . It's from a church hymn. When people try to steal my good energy, I just remember they don't have that power! We just temporarily think they do.Your tips are great, Lynn! Always food for thought.

  8. ZdazzYtXEMClN

    Posted by Step on 5th Feb 2013 * http Fresh Fruit Recipes * Raw Food Diet Menu * Free Easy Healthy Recipes * Healthy Breakfast Carte Ideas * Eating Raw Food Diet Weight Loss * ❤ Herbal Detox Tea Watermelon Breakfast! ❤ * I ngredients * — God's Herbs Heal-All Seasoning Drinkable, or other hebarl tea recipes of your choice HTTP — Watermelon * P reparation * — 1) Set up drink reported to package directions. — 2) Score watermelon. — 3) Drink your tea, then guzzle your watermelon. Yes, it is that simple! * I nspiration * — Enjoy the simplicity of whole, juicy fruits all for breakfast! Attempt to just stick to one choice of fruit for meal, if you can. Simple eating is good feeding. For the calorie-conscious, the calories within watermelon and other luscious fruits is very, very devalued but it isn't about cutting calories, it is about eating more of the healthy foods and gaining wellbeing! The foods of nature are inherently all low calorie and low-level fat. — What is a Healing Crisis, or a Healing Event ? Once you consume more cleanly, your body begins to release old toxins that were previously clotted up in your humor system. You may find yourself having to blow your nose or coughing all the juncture, or on the more extreme close you may have puss surface of the skin, primarily within the locations of your lymph nodes. If you don't know what is arranged, then it can be scary but now that you cognise that it is simply part of the process, you can relax! Your body is meet getting that stuff out

  9. gYWBfqcPgLBpdHKZ

    Posted by lxnyasfugq on 5th Feb 2013

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  10. WmVSoaQiGnGdWXeUrQp

    Posted by Karen on 7th Feb 2013

    I asked myself this, and then it came to me that the anwser is y'all. Y'all can help to spread the word. Just cut and paste the rest of this blurb, beginning on the next line.The information in this diet plan is free. It is yours without obligation as long as you agree to email it to at least one other person, keeping all this text intact.The basic plan is to eat six meals a day, at two-hour intervals, of 200-250 calories per meal. There is some indication that females will want to stay closer to 200. Obviously, choose foods that are healthy, and that give you as complete a nutrition as possible. Use vitamin and mineral supplements. Try to keep grams of fat under 10 per day. This means that meat, cheese, and eggs are out on diet days. A fast-food hamburger is 18 grams of fat. One wrapped slice of cheese is 4.5 grams. Every egg is 6 grams.I get most of my protein on the diet from non-fat dry milk. A cup of it is 24 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat, and 240 calories. Boiled fish is a good deal. Don’t forget whole-grain cereal and fresh fruits and vegetables.You must work out every day, but not much. Do arms one day, legs the next, and the middle on the third.My experience with this diet is that I turn myself loose on Friday night to eat anything I want over the weekend, and on Monday morning I weigh 149 and go back on the diet. By Friday morning I’m 143 or 144. During the diet days I am never really hungry, my regularity is incredible, and all the complaints that “this guy doesn’t eat enough” have ceased. I’m more popular now.You needn't allow the weight to fluctuate. I do it because I like to eat.

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