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  1. Thank you for readin

    Posted by Gabriela on 6th Jan 2014

    Thank you for reading! Next chtpear has already started, I hope you'll like it as well. Next page will be the cover and next week we'll have more story pages.

  2. about dead and sickn

    Posted by Piet on 7th Jan 2014

    about dead and sickness. She says that we <a href="http://zazggvbwo.com">shuold</a> not fear dead and sickness, however, God uses these as means to teach us and sanctify us.She says on p.73:"Obviously nothing can keep all sickness and disease away for good. We are all going to die of something. But for the Christian, there <a href="http://zazggvbwo.com">shuold</a> be NOTHING to fear in this" The author then quotes Rom 8:35, 38 and after that she keeps on saying: "When Christian women get sucked into the fear trap, they are forgetting this important truth, as well as some other important ones.. Review your theology, to deal with these fears. Sound theology is the cure for fear...He will work all things for good, and this includes sickness,disease and death"I learned when I was young in the church I grew up that sickness was never to be accepted as part of God's plan; 6 years ago the Lord opened my eyes, and now I know that God is Sovereign and that He does allow sickness and suffering. It is written in His Word, we see it every day; but we have His promises to help us walk through those valleys. His grace abounds in the darkest hour.Nohemi, I like what you mentioned about teaching our children from the beginning not to be busybodies. Yes! And don't you think that because we are naturally so self.centered instead of asking ourselves: "Is this something that is going to change my life in a positive way?" We <a href="http://zazggvbwo.com">shuold</a> ask ourselves "Is this going to glorify God?"Nohemed, thank you for coming here once more and be willing to share your thoughts. I so appreciate you visiting this place! Thank you! Dear Lisa, thanks for jumping in the conversation. It is so true what you say...He <a href="http://zazggvbwo.com">shuold</a> be always our standard!I am grateful for each one of you, dear friends. I look forward to our last coffee time to talk about this book next week.Under His shadow,

  3. //ப ண ண ங க பசங கள

    Posted by Ortlin on 24th Jan 2014

    //ப ண ண ங க பசங கள ஏம த த ட ட ஓட றத கண ட ப ட க க ஏத வத ட ப ஸ வ ச ச ர க க ங கள ? ப ள ஸ ச ல ல ங க.//ம ஸ டர அர வ ந த ... ந ங க ச ல றத ப ப ர த த பசங க எல ல ம என னம உத தமப த த ரன ங க ம த ர ய ம , ப ண ண ங க எல ல ம ஏம த த க ரங க ம த ர ய ம இல ல இர க க . ந ட ல தப ப பண ற ப ண ண ங கள ம இர க க ங க. ப யன கள ம இர க க ங க. அத க க க ஒர ட ய ப ண ண ங கள தப ப ச ல ல த ங க. இங க ய ர ச ர ச ன ச யர இர க க ? எல ல ர ம ப ர க ட கல வ ழத த ன ப ர க கற ங க.. ஒர ஒர த தர மனச ர ந ச க க ற ஒர ஒர ஜ வன க ட ட ங க ப ர க கல ம . இவ இல ல ன ன அட த தவ... இவன இல ல ன ன அட த தவன . என னம ட ப ர ட ம ண டல ஸ ட ர ல மள க ச ம ன வ ங க ற ம த ர ஆக ப ப ச ச க தல . ச ஜ த ச ன ன ம த ர No one perfect here. http://cdagyauuke.com [url=http://qkprwlpki.com]qkprwlpki[/url] [link=http://qbduuvmb.com]qbduuvmb[/link]

  4. Quotes Chimp of what

    Posted by Dorothy on 6th Mar 2014

    Quotes Chimp of what we hope to help you do with this site is save money. You will see that each kind of insurance involves different strategies for economy, but in the meantime here are some thoughts that should serve you well regardless of the kind of insurance you are buying.

  5. This article achviee

    Posted by Dominic on 12th Dec 2015

    This article achvieed exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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