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  1. Traditions around the world

    Posted by Padma Sastri on 5th Dec 2012

    Every child has experienced an annoying wobbly tooth at some point and this title hits a home run! Fantastic illustrations show rich diversity as seen in Toronto schools and added value is the sharing of traditions from around the world of how to treat a fallen tooth. It is invitational to share your own tradition and can be used with titles like Franklin and the Tooth Fairy.
    I found in all the classes young male readers choose this title consistently over other titles -Captures the interest of boys right away.

  2. Very fairly wrttien

    Posted by Sonu on 7th Jan 2014

    Very fairly wrttien review. I really like this restaurant but I can understand why some people might not. For me it's a solid 4 out of 5. My opinion is slightly biased as it's local to me, and so I want to see it do well but I also don't have the same "was it worth the travel?" factor that others might consider.I haven't ordered some of the things you did (ie cheese), but what I've had there has been more good than bad. The lunchtime dim sum is particularly good quality & value and if you're in the area I'd recommend giving it a second chance.They can have off days and some items are better than others. Some of the negative comments I've read in yours and other reviews need to be addressed, particularly those about the door/wind issue, the service, and also some of the food being acceptable but poor value eg seaweed. If the "prick" thing is true, that's totally uncalled for and they owe you an apology or I see why you wouldn't go back.

  3. If I were a Teenage

    Posted by Ice on 7th Jan 2014

    If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kobwaunga, dude!"

  4. I had a meal here la

    Posted by Gaviar on 8th Jan 2014

    I had a meal here last Friday night and had the 8 course <a href="">tantsig</a> menu and thought it was fantastic.Either they read your review of the gong bao chicken or they were having an off day when you were there, but it was one of my favourite dishes. I do enjoy my spicy food but I didn't find it that spicy, or "ma"/"numb" at all, being someone with a high tolerance for both.All dishes were fantastic, my only nagging issue was the prawn crackers (a big prawn cracker with a few toppings carelessly put on top), which was not very appealing, and the petit fours, whilst very pretty and looked like little mahjong blocks, were sickeningly sweet and caramelly (not a fan of caramel).However, I really enjoyed all the main dishes and looking forward to a trip back soon. DH enjoyed it better than our 15 course <a href="">tantsig</a> menu at HKK - although, it could be because he had paid for it!

  5. Forgot to add I am m

    Posted by Lucee on 8th Jan 2014

    Forgot to add I am mortified they teweted some implication you were a prick...and comparing you to Grace Dent? She is funny but for food writing you knock her knickers off ( that sounds sexist..sub knickers for balls maybe?Jokes aside I am always highly amused when restaurants get bitchy on social media about bloggers, reviewers, even just customers who have access to the Internet...You are a service and if people are saying negative things, listen and improve! I can see how working in a restaurant is way more challenging in many ways than a lot of office based, admin, research, statistics blah blah jobs like mine though. Chris, you're evidently a great and fair blogger and have a day job so anyone calling you a prick has me to erm..answer to! : )Kedi

  6. Oh yeah, faulbous st

    Posted by Kaylynn on 8th Jan 2014

    Oh yeah, faulbous stuff there you!

  7. Your answer was just

    Posted by Heloise on 9th Jan 2014

    Your answer was just what I <a href="">needde.</a> It's made my day!

  8. Can I make it be kno

    Posted by Krco on 9th Jan 2014

    Can I make it be known that we weren't *actually* on a date? You know how those internet<a href=""> ceazirs</a> always seem to think we're in love or something. (Hi Mr London Street!) I'm not entirely convinced there was more than one razor clam in that dish. I'm still confused about that meal - the sea bass was good, and I liked the flavours in the soft tofu but the ridiculous crockery annoyed me. Bleh. Just... Bleh.

  9. sorry to hear about

    Posted by Aniu on 26th Jan 2014

    sorry to hear about the door. looks can be deceiving. i was like that berofe when i buy things i looked at it on how beautiful it was when you see it but at the end, i learned from it. buy things on its quality. you should buy a new one na lang. i am here for WW.God Bless You! [url=]dffyrxc[/url] [link=]bpodztklmj[/link]

  10. How bizarre - I went

    Posted by Justin on 26th Jan 2014

    How bizarre - I went for Dim Sum on Saturday lunch and it was a dleight. Deliciously light, unclaggy and wonderous flavours. Very friendly staff and attentive in their labours. I did not interact with any dodgy crockery as we only had steamed baskets so I hear you if you went off Dim Sum you have a different experience. [url=]kbyiuojb[/url] [link=]bcaogqeip[/link]

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