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Retold by Dawn Casey
Illustrated by Jago
A perfect introduction to traditional fables. In the first clever fable, Fox invites Crane to tea but gives her a flat dish so she can't eat any food. When it is Crane's turn to invite Fox, what dish does she use? In the second Chinese fable, King of the Jungle, Tiger thinks he is the king of the jungle but can Fox fool him to save his own skin?

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  1. Oler classics revived

    Posted by Padma Sastri on 5th Dec 2012

    If you want something new , yet capturing the imagination of children this is the title for you. It is a Visual treat and young readers can understand the concepts such as tall and shallow easily. These titles cater well to Enlish language learners with its colourful bold illustrations following the story closely.
    There is a limited number of illustrated books in the fables genre for juniors and these books fill that void very well. I have used these titles successfully in drama with junior classes.

  2. This story is such a

    Posted by Rajendra on 5th Jan 2014

    This story is such a journey, both phyllcasiy and emotionally for the woman.It can be so hard to be different, being outcast or maligned in society is bad enough when it is not by our own choice, but when she seizes upon the saltlessness of her tears and holds on to it so strongly I feel the protagonist has a deep need to belong, to feel a part of something more meaningful than her apparent unburdened existence from being fortunately born.Something that could have been a mere triviality becomes a force that drives her with passion and need. And while sated with physical passion she perhaps needed a deep emotional passion to give herself a more powerful existence.What she learns and experiences on her journey, the seeking and desperate wanting and indulgences in lover after lover, in the gorging of herself on salt in all ways possible, in the search for an answer, it is all so mundane in the sense that it is more of the same, she has had these lovers, essentailly the same lover over and again. The food drenched in salt will be nothing more than the blandness of sodium overdose, even the salt baths, immersing herself in the waters and seeking to absorb the salt of the earth in any way she can suggests a lack of understanding and a look to the outside world to fix her problem, her want and desire, instead of looking inward to find what and where the true desires, wants and needs are.It is only when she finds the man interested in her pain that she starts to see her need for what it is. Realizing that her transactions with her lovers have been acts of selfishness and that her outward actions and feelings have been a single minded focus causing her to pay no mind to the needs of any but her own, with this epiphany it starts to become clear.The sound beating, fucking and bleeding of the protagonist is unlike anything she has experienced and that kind of physical sensation can cause the most hearty of people to retreat within and divorce themselves from the body as a measure of protection. One can imagine this happening as he has his way with her and the transformative point is perhaps when she begs him to taste her tears, a point at which previous lovers likely acquiesce and taste the freshwater tears of her frustration, but a point at which he refuses, instead subjecting her to more pain, sating his pleasure above hers. This is a consummation of her inability to satisfy her desires and needs, at his mercy she can only give, she cannot take and in this perhaps more is realized.In the end she is sated, in a way unanticipated and it is here that she finds a measure of peace in what I would call the moral of this story Acceptance.

  3. あ より:↑それらが一つの要因で起こって

    Posted by Kuldeep on 6th Jan 2014

    あ より:↑それらが一つの要因で起こってるとでも思ってるのか熱いと茶葉から物質が抽出されやすいから飲むだけだったら熱い方がいいのが事実ただ化学物質は熱に弱いものも多いから、その後に食べる習慣があるならぬるい方がいい因みにコレがその論文E.J. Okello, G.J. McDougall, S. Kumar, C.J. Seal. In vitro protective efftces of colon-available extract of Camellia sinensis (tea) against hydrogen peroxide and beta-amyloid (Aβ(1–42)) induced cytotoxicity in differentiated PC12 cells. Phytomedicine, 2010; DOI: 10.1016/j.phymed.2010.11.004

  4. ...Bang bang, he sho

    Posted by Luis on 6th Jan 2014

    ...Bang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me down.I know this is not the place for kaorake, but when I saw those shoes and someone here mentioned Cher, I just couldn't resist..

  5. Prythuviye upatha sa

    Posted by Luis on 6th Jan 2014

    Prythuviye upatha saha jeeeevn parinamaya vima gana moolika karunu me lipiyen labuna. Idiri lipith kiyavanna aasaven inne.Vadagath karunu apita laba dena obata thuthi!

  6. This party going to

    Posted by Atxel on 7th Jan 2014

    This party going to be fun hey werent you guys going to gwaaviey a 6 month membership or in a few more weeks i dont care if its 1 month I just need one.

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